About Us

our mission

Making sure showfreight shipments are treated with top priority

our values

  • Reliable
  • Personal
  • Dedicated
  • Independent

what we do

Arranging transport of your exhibits from your warehouse up to delivered at your stand and back again

our approach

Whether you are an exhibitior, organizer, trade association or standbuilder: We start listening to your needs and transfer them into a tailor-made logistic plan for your event

our goal

We will free you from all concerns you have about your showfreight shipment. This is done by using our understanding of showfreight and the support of our global network of experienced agents and partners

We will make sure you can fully concentrate on your goal: YOUR PRODUCT PRESENTATION!

Nearly 40 years of experience in Exhibition Logistics


Showsites served each year


Events served each year 


Shipments delivered to stand each year


"You don’t know how good we are, until everything goes wrong"


Nothing goes wrong in the ideal world we create in advertisements.

But if it does, you can rest assured that we have planned your shipment carefully. In each planning we will build in time to solve delays that might occur during transport. This way we will be able to get the delivery to your stand done in time.


Although we keep up with the latest technological innovations, we will not replace our staff by computers. You can call us anytime anyday, because your freight will also be delivered during weekends and in other time zones. We are always ready to take your call and do everything to solve any problem. 


Your shipment will not be one out of a thousand. We know that it is a vital part of your company presentation at an international show. Your participation is a serious investment in time and money. That is why each shipment gets our full attention, big or small.


Because of our independency, we can never be forced to work with intercompany partners. It gives us the freedom to always choose the best option for you, regardless of internal company policies.


"You will never know how good we really are"

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